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Increase awareness about dialogue

The vision of PerformDesign is to create awareness about peoples’ innate ability to engage in life with dialogue.

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Inspiration for more efficient meetings

Are you tired of inefficient meetings and ready for some new inspiration? PerformDesign has developed a meeting concept and procedure to help make your daily workplace meetings more efficient.

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Use the impact of dialogue

If you are a project leader, or part of a project team, then consult with PerformDesign about how your project can benefit from the effect of dialogue.

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Optimise Through Dialogue

PerformDesign is started by Camilla Duus

Camilla Duus has designed a meeting concept for typical workday meeting situations. A concept that optimises efficiency by establishing dialogue using games, movement, film, sound, active listening, designed tools, furniture, meeting spaces and more.

PerformDesign was created because of a need for more dialogue in the world.

Our vision is to show how peoples’ innate ability for dialogue can create common, sustainable solutions to the challenges in society.

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